Monday, June 1, 2015

The Mind Game, Again

I am often reminded of the incredible power of the mind. Or perhaps it is the incredible importance of the mind. Not to be downplayed, one’s mind state, perspective, beliefs and practice are the crucial components of performing well in the outdoors and, dare I say it, enjoying a wilderness experience as deeply as possible. Reading The Talent Code, by Dan Coyle was like being led through a maze in which every turn yields another nugget of wisdom or truth.  Many of these nuggets seem familiar or as if they are confirming what you might already feel or have experienced.  I suppose that is the beauty of good instruction - and well-researched instruction at that.

I was practicing a subtle, yet essential, skill today out on the trails while mountain biking.  I was playing with the idea of looking further down the trail then I do instinctively.  On the turns I looked further along on the opposite side.  The shift in visual perspective was dramatic and in a few cases it led to a heightened level of flow.  Ah.  That is what I seek after all.  

You might enjoy Dan Coyle’s blog on the topic of his book.  His most recent post addresses a similar topic — practice.  Additional insight can be gained from Cal Newport here.