Saturday, November 16, 2013

Breakfast Club Trail Run - Twin Peaks, Ojai

The above photo is from one of the best dawn patrols I have done in a long time.  Twin Peaks is approximately 1,900 feet of climbing from the trailhead and requires around 35-40 minutes of sustained uphill running.  On top one is treated to views of the Pacific Ocean, the Channel Islands, the Oxnard Plain, Santa Monica Mountains and one of the best perspectives on the beautiful Ojai Valley. We left around 6 AM, Grant (in yellow) made us tea and scrambled eggs (he brought a camping stove along with Sierra cups, utensils, water and eggs) before we surfed the trail back down and headed to our classes.  These young men, Cooper, Grant and Jackson, have such a zest for life and are among my heroes.  Also along were Jim and Donald from Thacher.  Thanks guys for an awesome morning adventure!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gran Fondo Giro d'Italia

I rode in the Gran Fondo Giro d'Italia Beverly Hills over the past weekend.  It was a great event with an incredible tour of the Santa Monica Mountains after starting on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.  I haven't been able to get in more than one road ride a week due to a busy coaching schedule in rock climbing and traveling for rock climbing, but the ride still went well.  All told it involved 90 miles and over 10,000 ft of climbing (I am a little surprised by the total vertical gain, but I'll trust Strava on this one).  There was a hill climbing time trial competition about halfway through the ride on Piuma Road.  I managed 17th overall and was 2nd in my age group.  Not to bad for a rock climber I suppose!  

Thanks to the event organizer for putting together a great event.  Most importantly, however, I have to thank Hammer Nutrition for the superb endurance fuel and the invaluable advice and strategies that they provide on their website.  They knowledge I have gained from Hammer Nutrition about how best to prepare for an extended effort, whether it involves rock climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, mountain biking or road cycling is tremendous.  It has helped me a great deal over the years.  Lately I have been really impressed by the Endurance Amino, which I first began to use on backcountry mountain biking forays.  The fuel I don't go without, however, hasn't changed: Perpetuem, Endurolytes and Hammer Gel.

Looking forward to a climbing trip to the San Gabriel Mountains this weekend.  The cooler temperatures are bringing about perfect temperatures for rock climbing.