Friday, December 28, 2012

Link to Snow Fall: Avalanche at Tunnel Creek article from the New York Times

If you haven't already seen the Snow Fall article from the New York Times about an avalanche accident at Tunnel Creek in Washington, I encourage you to follow the link below.

There is a lot here to consider.  From a backcountry skier's perspective, it is a glimpse of snow science, the often inexplicable drive for fresh snow, the benefit and danger group mentality, and the void in leadership that can occur when a collection of people operate as individuals.  It is also a case study for any one who works with young people in the outdoors.  I think I am only scratching the surface here and intend to do some additional research and see how this can be implemented in some of the courses I teach.

From a journalist's perspective or an artistic perspective, I also think that it is a fine example of how multi-media can be integrated to serve to inform, inspire and to also simply tell a story.  The story is terrifying.  The way that the story is told is beautiful.  It is one that is truly worth telling.