Thursday, May 31, 2012

5-day Mountain Bike Endurance Fest in the Los Padres

On Wednesday I returned home from a 6-day 105 mile mountain bike trip through the Los Padres National Forest with 5 students and an alumnus of the Thacher School (it was part of our bi-annual week-long camping trips) in which we rode from Sisar Canyon in Ojai to Romero Canyon in Santa Barbara. The trip was of epic proportions, with over 33,000 ft of elevation gain through remarkably rugged, desolate, beautiful, awe inspiring and lung-busting terrain. It was one of the best adventures and most intimate experiences of our local backcountry that I have ever had. I am especially proud of the students on the trip, but want to thank Weston Richardson, Thacher alum, for his companionship and wonderful energy. In addition, my twin brother, Kevin, helped us out hugely by riding into the Santa Ynez with a spare wheel to replace a student's broken wheel -- which means he rode 35 backcountry miles in the early AM before returning to the office by the afternoon (his riding skill has made him legendary to Thacher mountain bikers). Major kudos to all.