Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Sartorialist - a short film by Tyler Manson

I love this short film by Tyler Manson - a talented film maker from a family that I have been very close to for many years.

I am inspired by the reference to "a visual life." There is something to be said for simply getting out there each day and being in one's surroundings. There is always something surprising, revealing or just plain beautiful to experience. I have learned a lot about perspective and design just from reading/viewing The Sartorialist blog as well.

Galen Rowell spoke of a similar sort of inspiration in his descriptions of running in the mountains with a camera. In fact, his stories of just getting into the mountains and recording his feelings on film is one of the things that originally inspired me to take a camera on a climbing or mountaineering trip.

Intel, "The Sartorialist: A Visual Life" from Tyler Manson on Vimeo.